Public tennis courts are for playing, not watching. NetCoord lets you find open courts and avoid congestion.

let’s go!

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Public courts are the Wild West of the tennis world. No club, no booking, no rules. Anarchy. NetCoord brings order to the chaos with reliable, real-time court usage data.

No more court hunting.

Key Features

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Less wasted time

stop searching for open courts

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Less confrontation

stop fighting over court time

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More tennis

start playing more tennis!

Off-Court Support

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Players in The Woodlands/Spring, TX area can use NetCoord to get their racket serviced fast and easy

$20/stick labor, strings starting at $10/set. Next-day turnaround



Get Your Hands on Branded Swag from anywhere in the World!

T-Shirts, hats, stickers, water bottles, etc.

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Future Releases

NetCoord is just getting warmed up! Get excited for upcoming features like NFC check-ins, expansion to new locations, and support for iOS and Android apps. For now, the flagship app remains, while a basic version is now available for download at the Apple app store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s with the colored NC logos on the map?

Behold the NetCoord icons sprinkled on the map, revealing parks with public tennis courts near you. Red icons indicate zero courts currently open, while green icons signal a park with one or more courts ready for a hit!

I’m going to play tennis later, can NetCoord tell me future availability?

Gaze into my crystal ball! Just tap on any park's name and head over to the "Schedule Today" tab. That's where green bars show available slots for the rest of the day. Or hit the search button and get a list of parks with courts ready for the taking in the next 48hrs.

Can pickleball players use NetCoord too?

Sure. NetCoord was created with athletes in mind, but even pickleball champs can benefit! Use NetCoord to stay clear of tennis players and keep the game going without any fuss.

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